About Us

The American Healer Association (AHA) serves the Holistic Health and Healing industry.

The AHA exists to preserve and promote the art and science of holistic health and healing. It is the intent of this association to establish and maintain professional standards and practices in the holistic health and healing industry through systems, education, and public awareness.

Our members are committed to excellence and they use the benefits offered by the American Healer Association to help obtain this goal.

AHA Mission Statement:

To promote the art and science of holistic health and healing for the betterment of public health and well-being through establishing and maintaining professional standards and practices, education, and public awareness.

AHA members recognize that after 1,000s of years of recorded history of holistic health and healing innovation and application, the goals of a healthy system in balance with nature are as meaningful and relevant today as they were throughout past millennia and as they are in the future.

AHA remains a strong supporter of a free enterprise system; this professional environment leads to the success of its members. AHA members recognize that the perpetuation of such a healthy business environment is greatly influenced by their own professional conduct. The AHA supports the following practices, and encourages them in its members.

AHA members agree to elevate, protect, and defend their vocation and cooperate with others so that all may benefit.

Member Code of Ethics

  1. Conduct business in an ethical manner in order to reflect credibility and confidence to the public in our industry as well as each member’s own business.
  2. Consider our vocation worthy and dignified and thus affording a distinct opportunity to serve society.
  3. Hold that the exchange of goods and service for a fair profit is legitimate and ethical, provided all parties in the exchange are benefited.
  4. Elevate the standards of our vocation by exercising a high degree of care in the execution of all work and practices.
  5. Protect and defend industry members and the public from fraudulent and unethical practices affecting our industry.
  6. Operate business in accordance with the rules and regulations of constituted authority at all levels and in a manner according to local, federal, and state laws and ordinances.
  7. Cooperate with the association in its effort to better conditions in the industry so that all will mutually benefit.

“A rising tide raises all ships”.

As our members work together in harmony with each other, together we create a rising tide of awareness and healing for everyone, everywhere.