The American Healer Association (AHA) promotes the art and science of natural holistic health, healing methods, and alternative healing modalities for the betterment of public health.

Members of AHA enjoy industry recognition and credibility in their field of interest. Healers of all types are welcome to join! Select the heading that best describes your healing services from the categories below.

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AHA Member Categories

AHA gives industry recognition of it official members and affiliated healers. We welcome healers of all types in the following categories:

Alternative Medicine

Methods and modalities outside of the Western biomedical approach. Examples are Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal remedies.

Mental and Spiritual Support

Conscious and Subconscious Change including behavioral, psychological, social, and spiritual approaches. Examples are NLP, PSYCH-K, and Life Coaching.

Food/Internal Therapies

Ingesting, inhaling, or absorbing food, nutritional supplements, or other healing substances. Examples include dietary programs, aromatherapy, skin creams.

Body Manipulation

Any form of healing that involves one person physically touching another, or movement of the physical body. Examples include Yoga, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Chiropractic.

Energy Therapies

Therapies involving some form of energy to heal, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, crystal, thermal, or subtle energy. Examples include Energy Focusing, Crystal Healing, and Reiki.

Western Medicine

AHA welcomes western medical doctors on one condition: They must support and encourage natural and alternative healing methods where applicable or complimentary to their own approach. Doctors and other western medical practitioners who do not support natural and alternative healing methods may not claim affiliation with the AHA. They are instead encouraged to join or follow the American Medical Association (AMA).

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All members pledge adherence to Best Practice Standards for the betterment of Practitioner / Client relationships.

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AHA Certification shows a deeper level of commitment to your craft. Enjoy industry recognition and enhanced credibility with your own AHA Profile Page on this website promoting you and your healing service.  You may claim affiliation with AHA as a certified member in good standing. Also enjoy discounts on AHA products and services plus no-cost classes when available.

3 Levels of Membership

Free – Status: Member (Available soon)

Gold – Paid (amount TBA) – Status: Professional

Platinum – Paid (amount TBA) – Status: Authority / Industry Leader

Education Portal

Learn from other members about their healing modalities. Expand your knowledge base and build your business by offering more services to your clients. Online classes and live seminars on a variety of topics from healing methods to business marketing and client retention information. All are available to both Free Members and Paid Certified Members. However certified members enjoy discounts and other low price to no-cost benefits not available to Free Members.

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